tech schools at age 54, need some advice...

tina_2March 8, 2010

Hi - I was hoping to get some advice on technical schools: cost , length of time

til graduate or get certificate, could a 54 yr. old grandmother learn all and get thru it all?

I was looking for info. about medical coding and

billing - I think it's called. Any info./ advice

greatly appreciated. Thank you, all. tina_2

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Hi Tina...
I'm looking into the same thing. Make sure you stay away from the fly-by-nights that are on-line offering training of some sort. They just want your money. I am just too leary of them. My local community college has courses, and referenced the their courses are based on the American Academy of Professional Coders, which has various levels of training and certification. They have a web site, see below, and I would recommend you go there to check on training, and who near you would offer it and prep you for the national testing for certification.
Also, check your local community college. There is a 2 yr. program Associates Degree, but also you can take a few pre-req's and get into coding classes (in my situation).

I am 59, presently working full-time, but layoffs may be looming, as there has already been some. I am already signed up for a Pharmacy Tech. Class at my local starting in June. It will be 3 months of training for $175 and $150 for books. Not bad to start off with that. I still want to pursue coding if I can. I did have to take some pre-testing and had to be at a specific level in Math, Reading and Locating Information (info with maps and charts, you had to work the answer based on the info given, not always easy, some charts very complicated...questions on soil/sand/clay/silt analysis, computer technician pinging a network, stuff like that). The tests start off easy and get progressively harder and they are timed. These were STATE recognized tests, as many temp agencies require them as well as the college, as they need to know where you stand. I have a Bachelor's degree, and I still had to take the tests to get into the Pharmacy class.
They offered a lot of preparation courses for these tests as well, had lot of opportunities to learn and gain confidence to take the tests. I was very lucky and did not need any prepping.
Check with your local community college and even if you don't go that route, they can give you advice. Coding is complicated, takes a few months to many months to learn and you definitely want to be a qualified candiate for a job.
I will send you an email and we can chat off of the forum.

Just make sure you do a good investigation of schools, colleges that won't just take your hard earned money!

June Lynn

Here is a link that might be useful: American Academy of Prof Coders

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I have no real advice but 54 is not to old to go back to school. I have known many people as old or older and they did fine in what they went for. As far as medical coding, I have nothing to offer. Just a good luck and know that you can do it. You are not too old.

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