question for kindergarden teachers

kathyanddaveMarch 16, 2007

I have a boy who I'm pretty sure is colorblind (he will be tested shortly) My question is how is this going to affect him when he goes to school when so much of that first year is about learning numbers,letters, and COLORS? Have any of the kindergarden teachers out there experienced this? Is it a problem, or am I worried for nothing.

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I would not worry, my son has a friend who is colour blind, and the child copes very well. I think he just knows his limitations.

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I am not a kindergarten teacher at the moment, but I have taught the grade level. (At the moment I teach K-6 Vocal Music.)

If you find that your young man is indeed, color blind, share it quietly with the teacher. S/he will be glad for the information.


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You should let his teacher know your concerns, but he will probably do just fine. My husband is "color blind". His problem is actually not terribly uncommon in men, it is not true red-green color blindness but the inability to see shades. To him red is red, blue is blue, etc. If you give him one of the big boxes of crayons he can see about a dozen different colors instead of 64. This did lead to some problems in school, like getting bad marks in art when he drew green dogs, but he managed just fine for the most part. He has learned how to compensate over the years so he can usually figure out what a color is, except for gold and silver. He still has not figured out a way to tell those apart. I hope your son is fine when you get him checked, if he does have a problem I'm sure there are ways to help him figure things out. When my husband was in school, no one thought a child was color blind if he drew green dogs, they thought he was stupid or had a mental problem. The school system (and people in general) has come a long way since the sixties.

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I'm a teachers aide and worked in kindergarten last yr. I wouldn't worry so much about his being color blind. Other things to work on that are more important are: can he recognize letters, not recite ABCs but able to actually recognize the letters, also recognize his numbers. He will learn to write his letters and numbers this year. Can he cut with scissors and hold a pencil properly? Can he follow simple directions, i.e. go over to the rug and sit down? Please send him to school in clothes he is able to button/zip on his own like his pants, jackets, etc. I am sure your child will do fine in kindergarten. Enjoy!

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