Anyone know where I can get a copy of 'Everyday Math'?....

sadiesmomMarch 15, 2002

I need the workbooks or teacher's guide for 1st and/or 2nd grade--anyone know how or where I can get idividual copies (used is fine)? This is the series that is published by Chicago University Press and is being used in many schools right now.

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Have you asked the school where it gets them? My kids use it as well.


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yep I have asked--they are only sold in sets

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On eBay today, actually right now there is a 1st grade book called "Everyday Mathematics" It says 1st grade Everyday Mathematics Activity book, designed by the Univerity of Chicago.
I went to eBay-found on the left side the section that says "Books"-clicked on that and then clicked on the section that said "Textbook/Education" went to that section and then on the left I typed in "Everyday Math". There is also a picture of the book, the cost is low. You might want to check it out if you think this might be the book.

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Thanks, I checked there yesterday and didn't find them, but I went there and placed a bid for both of the books today. I LOVE EBAY--have been ripped off a couple of times but when you are looking for something very specific, its great. I live in a small area and it has saved me a trip to the big city many time. Anyway, thanks for checking for me Lynn.

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