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LauraBJanuary 31, 2002

Hi all!

I'm in the middle of a layout and I'm working on filling in the title font with a gel pen and all of the sudden it totally stops writing on me. So my question is, does anyone know how to get the ink in the pen flowing again? This is totally frustrating because I haven't used my gel pens very much because they skip too much and tend to be unreliable writing instruments. Second question: does anyone know a good brand to try?



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If you have yet to recieve the answer to your dilemma lies in a lighter or candle. Carefully hold it over heat for a bit then try on another sheet of paper. you can also draw squiggles on an extra paper until the ink once again runs free. or last and most disgusting suck on the end of the pen then try drawing this usually works, but you may consume a bit of ink in the process.

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candles and lighters like mentioned above work just be sure not to melt the end how are you storing your pens?? be sure and store them on their sides otherwise the gel runs into the nib and clogs it

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