Idea for Science Fair Project

SandiDMarch 8, 2004

To give you some background, my 5th grader took her science fair project to area competition at TWU this past weekend. There were 246 projects & boy, were there some good ones. Afterwards, I did some thinking about what she could do next year.

Tell me if you think this would work - which seeds will germinate & grow better? Fresher seeds or older seeds? We could collect some seed packages for the 2004 season & for seasons past. All would have the same growing conditions, water, light, etc.

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Hi Sandi,

I think that would be a good project and there should be some good research information on the internet on that subject. Years ago I had an elderly friend that did research on seed germination and seed saving it was fascinating. If I run across any of the old info I'll email it to you.

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