Shingles: Owens Corning Duration vs GAF Prestique vs Iko

jcrowley99June 19, 2009

How do I decide which is the best shingle for my roof? I'm having trouble finding info on actual reliability on-line. I know what the companies claim, and I looked at Consumer Reports (with a grain or two of salt) for lack of a better way to get an "unbiased" opinion, but I am concerned how these shingles stand up to real world use. I am deciding between Owens Corning Duration 30 year, GAF Prestique 30 year, GAF Timberline 30 year, and Iko Cambridge East 30 year. We live in Illinois so we see the entire range of weather. We can go from 30 below in the winter to 100 in the summer. We get a lot of rain, hail , sleet, snow, and of course high winds. We have a two story Colonial house, so only the main peak and no valleys. We will install a ridge vent, either Cobra Snow or Air Vent. Also, anyone have an opinion on the Hip and Ridge shingles? All but one of the installer use them, one of them doesn't like them but will do them. He thinks the higher profile could be a problem with high winds, but does admit it is just his opinion. Thanks for any help!


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I should have gone back to the GAF site first, since the Presique and Timberline appear to be the same shingles. I'll have to check with the one roofer who did not specify which GAF Timberline shingle.


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I would never even consider Owens-Corning or GAF for any shingle in any job I was installing...and especially for no roof going on any property I owned...and especially not my own residence!

In the roofing industry, Owens-Corning and GAF are both well known as the 'cream-of-the-crap' or best-of-the-worst....when it comes to shingles.

As a building professional, and only having been given choice of the 3 type shingle brands you cited, my only choice would be IKO.

I would never advise any of my customores to use Owens-Corning nor GAF under any circumstance.


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

As a building professional, and only having been given choice of the 3 type shingle brands you cited, my only choice would be IKO.

How about CertainTeed??

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Certain-Teed ranks right down there with Owens-Corning and GAF as the 'best of the worst' in my experience.

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I too am in Illinois and am looking at replacing my roof. Which shingle and ridge vent did you go with?


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I work for one of the largest roofing companies in the country and I have seen it all. I completely disagree with the bitter responces to the Owens and GAF shingles posted above. I live in Houston Texas and have seen the builder grade crap these guys put up that never last more than 15 to 18 yaers. Or often even less!

All we have ever used is GAF and Owens and we never lost even one roof from Hurricane Ike. If these shingles are used properly with the correct installation and materials they will stand the test of time. And hold up to winds of 130 MPH.

And as for Cobra ridgevents, they can withstand 120 mile an hour winds if the correct nails are used to install them.

There are many manufaturers of good shingles these days. Pick one. If they are installed correctly without the shortcuts of cut up shinlges used as starter strips instead of actual starter strips and timber tex ridge shinlges instead of cut up shinlge tabs across the ridge and by following the correct nailing patterns installed gently and not slamming them down into the shingle too hard you should have a roof that can last a life time. How else could these companies give a life time warrantie on their 30 year shingles these days if they were'nt made to last. Technologies in roofing is better than ever.

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I agree with John- Owens Corning and GAF make a real good shingle, so long as the directions for installation are followed. Of all the shingles that are available, I feel the O/C and GAF line are hard to keep up with.

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