Is AARP the way to go for mom???

mcookJuly 7, 2006

Both of my parents are not yet 65 (Dad 64, mom 60). They've been self-employed all their lives & buying their own insurance (Blue Cross PPO).

But I just think their medical coverage is horrable (2500 deductable). Can any one give me good information/help/tip on what's the best way/insurance for seniors. "cost less, cover more"

I've heard of AARP, but haven't done much homework about it! Anyone can give any input on them?

My folks don't even have dental & vision coverage, just the good ole plane medical.

Thanks in advance!

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Check their website in regards to health insurance. Not all states or areas are covered. Alaska still isn't offered anything. DH is self-employed so we've had this problem also. They may have the best policy already. There sure isn't much choice. We are 50 and our youngest is only six. $2500 is not a bad deductuble. The best policy we could locate was $1,200 a month, $4000 deductable, 80% co-pay for the first $10,000, no dental or vision. I know many self-employed families and no one has decent priced coverage unless a spouse has good benefits at another job.


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My m-i-l had Medicare and AARP for years. When she became critically ill, she did not get much of anything from AARP. It was disappointing.

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I have a self employed artist friend who saves money by getting her medical coverage through a small business association. Your parents might look into this while they are still working.

$2500.00 doesn't seem like a very high deductible to me. Perhaps your parents could put this money in a tax-exempt health savings account where it can earn interest until they need it.

If you go through AARP, keep in mind that they will sell your information to Pharmaceutical companies for marketing purposes.

Here are a few links that might be of interest:

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dreamgarden, I'd love to know what association your friend has found. DH is an accountant and there are small shops all over the nation, yet we can't find anything through his professional organizations. The only organization I know is NASE (National Association of Self Employeed) and while it's better than nothing, it's not great coverage for the $$$.


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I am self-employed and buy my health insurance through a local small business association. I have very good, but very expensive coverage. I found it by calling around to insurance agents to see what they had to offer.

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