Want Ideas for Repairing Old Cracked Bottom Panel on Garage Door

SeedyGuyJune 5, 2014


I posted some pics of the garage door. It's 27 years old. Held up pretty well I guess.

It's a wood door. The thin covering over the wood panel has split and is peeling up and out.

A handyman suggested bending a piece of aluminum into a L shape and using that. The aluminum would be the width of the door, about 8 inches high, and the bend would form a lip about 3 inches to go under the door. He would use self-tapping screws. Oh, and he would remove the rubber seal at the bottom, then reinstall it on the bottom of the door after the aluminum is on.

He said he had a tool for bending the aluminum. I forgot to ask him if he would use left over aluminum siding, or some other type of aluminum.

He would not cut anything out, just cover the existing materials with the aluminum. Said he could take out the handle or leave it in.

I was thinking of using 2 lengths of the plastic trim stuff (approx 1 x 4), and attaching it horizontally to the door, covering the warped and cracked parts, by drilling and screwing, to flatten down the warped stuff, then painting.

What do you think? I guess aluminum would be better at keeping water out, especially as it would go underneath the door.

Ideas welcomed !

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Another pic.

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Your bottom two panels are junk. It's time for a new door.

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I just removed a seal exactly like that from my garage door. It came off in 30 or so pieces.

I am(now retired) a handyman, so had other than normal DIY tools---could not save the seal. It was hard and deteriorated anyway.

Adding the L shaped aluminum will simply trap water between the metal and door sheathing---and collect at the bottom, further degrading the door.

Short of replacing the two lower sections, installing a new door is the better long term fix. Use the money you would spend on a Band-Aid as a down payment on a new door.

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I agree that the door needs to be replaced. Either option you mentioned might work short term, IF water is coming into your garage and if they are put on wet with caulk or sealant to keep water from getting behind the repair. But I wouldn't expect the repair to last long and that much aluminum in particular isn't cheap. Personally I'd just use white duct tape if needed to keep water out and save up for a new door. That would give you a few months.

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