Use a Lot of Batteries?

jrb451July 20, 2013

I've got a money saving tip for those of you that use a lot of batteries of many sizes. Wal-Mart on-line sells a Ray O Vac battery combo pack - 8AAA, 8AA, 4C, 4D & 2 9 volt 26 batteries in all - for $7.00. Do the math, that's 27 cents per battery. Look around and see if you can come up with anything close to this price.

Buy $45.00 worth of stuff and Wal-Mart will ship free to your home. Surely there's a couple of other have to have items that you can include to reach the $45 threshold?

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That's great, if you use all those sizes. Good find for you!

The Cs and Ds would not get much use in our house...

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Thanks for the info and Ray O Vac are very good batteries, but buying $38 worth of stuff makes it expensive. There is an expiration date to think about. Some things won't work even if the expiration date is good.

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The expiration date on these batteries is Dec 2018. And, the "$38 worth of stuff" was made up of every day items that I would usually buy at Wal-Mart anyway so it didn't add to the battery cost at all.

Daylight savings time change - change those smoke detector batteries?

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That's a great deal. And honestly I can spend $38 at Walmart in one aisle, haha.

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