puppy theme scrapbook

mboston_gwJanuary 9, 2007

We just got two minilabradoodles this past Sept. and I want to start a scrapbook of their pictures. Two reasons really - first when we lost our Chelsea, a Brittany, I went looking for pictures of her and found there were really just a few scattered through the years. I regret not taking more and doing something with them.

The other reason is that I already bought materials to do a family history scrapbook for my son using old pictures and such. I have decided that would not be a good one to do as my first since the pictures are many different sizes and are one of a kind. I know I can have copies made but I think I should get my feet (fingers) wet with something fun and cutesy first.

For the puppies,I have the theme scrapbook from Markings, coordinating paper, frames, and some stickers and letters. Of course I have pictures (check some out on www.flickr.com/hallamboston/pictures). I want to start with pictures of the parents of the pups and go from there.

Already I have run into a question. All the faces of the dogs are too big for the frames that came in the package of coordingating materials. Should I cut some of my own from the other paper or do I have to use something stiffer like cardstock?

or should I just crop the pictures to get just the face of the puppy or dog?

Thanks for helping a newbie!

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I would crop the pictures and get rid of as much of the unwanted background as possible. If they dont fit into the frames, I'd just mat the photos with a coordinating paper. It doesnt necessarily have to be cardstock. Matting will give a frame effect, which I actually prefer over a real frame.

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I would take the pics to the copy shop and reduce their size to fit what you want.

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I'm doing the same thing. You can totally see my scrapping learning curve as you go through my dog's puppy album, but that's okay.

I think you can do whatever you want as far as the frames go. You can make your own out of carstock or chipboard or paper. The thicker materials will have more dimension to them, but anything you want to use will work. You can mat the pictures or frame them.

If you like the frames that came in your kit, you can crop the prints you have or you can reprint the pics.

Depending on how far off they are, you might even be able to use a small frame to focus a larger photo. Like a slightly tilted frame around puppy's face with the rest of the photo extending around the outside. The picture and the frame would need to be different enough sizes so that the effect is "on purpose" rather than "I forgot to crop" though :)

But generally, I think anything goes.

Here is a link that might be useful: craftfetish blog

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