Lunchbox oven

bonnie_2006July 13, 2008

"My husband has a lunchbox oven that we got from a Flying J gas station. It plugs into his cigarette lighter and heats up leftovers and cooks things like hotdogs. He makes a breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast in his oven. It is about $30 and can be bought online from the Flying J website. It has saved us tons of money and he likes the food much better than fast food or sandwiches."

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Bonnie is your husband a truck driver? I was wondering how much room it would take in a regular car. I didn't see any measurements.

Could you explain a little more about how he cooks and/or heats food it? Does it take long to heat up?


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That's the cutest oven! I wonder if it could be used as a pot in a solar cooker? If it's matte black it might be good candidate. Since I started solar cooking I'm always on the lookout for black containers.


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Bonnie, if your husband is making eggs and bacon in his car wouldn't he also need one of those plug-in auto refrigerators that they sell? How does he keep all that food from spoiling? Doesn't all that cooking get the car all greasy and stinky? How does he wash the pans and dishes? What about all the garbage generated with the eggs shells and bacon food wrappers? If he is using disposable plates and cups to eat off of, that adds up to more money too, cutting into the "savings" generated by cooking in your car. Does the car need a trash container to bring home and empty or does he dump the garbage in other people's dumpsters?

I can see this item as a good idea for camping or a day trip but for everyday meals on the go it seems like a lot more trouble than it is worth. I think a car refrigerator stocked with healthy whole foods like yogurt, and veggies and cold beverages would fit the bill. If he wants 'hot food' get a Thermos brand container or those Pyrex containers that come with the insulated carriers. I think Tupperware makes insulated food carriers too. They keep food piping hot all day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mini Fridge for Auto

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