ExpatMarch 23, 2002

We are planning to start school for my 3rd and 4th graders soon. They have not been vaccinated for medical reasons and I am wondering how this is handled by the schools. We currently live out of the US and I just sign a waiver with the school nurse every year.



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It may vary by state but in the places where I've lived you just sign a waiver as well. If there is a case of one of the illnesses for which the children are not vaccinated they will have to stay home from school for awhile.

For specifics you should contact the school district where you are planning to move.

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Same with our state.

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Please vaccinate your children. Legimate medical reasons to avoid vaccination are rare, perhaps things have changed or another doctor may have another opinion. Failure to vaccinate your children not only puts them at risk, but other children as well. When individuals truely cannot be vaccinated (immunodefiency, severe allergy) or do not respond to vaccination with an adequate immune response (unknown) they are dependent on 'herd immunity' to avoid serious illness. The diseases against which vaccination is recommended are a real threat and do occur. Below is a link to an American Academy of Pediatrics page discussing immunization.

Here is a link that might be useful: AAP

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Thanks for the information on how children who are not vaccinated are dealt with by the schools. Now I am more informed about what American schools do in this case.
To Only Myself: Since it is impossible to email you privately, I will limit my response to you by saying that I did not intend to open a debate about vaccinating and I said the reasons were medical. If you read my post, why flame me?

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Only_Myself: Amen to your post. An in your defense....

Expat: read Only's post again. You were not "flamed."

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Our school also makes you sign a waiver. I must have missed it in Only Myself's posting....where's the flaming? NancyLouise

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You were not flamed.


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I was amazed to learn from my SIL that, although school systems will attempt to tell you that vaccinations are mandatory, they, in fact, are not. His sister, who believes in feeding her family only organic foods, uses no cleaning agents in her home, etc., etc., etc., refuses to allow her children to be vaccinated. And the school system can't do a thing about it.

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