replacing insulation in stove/range

roorezziJune 27, 2006

We have discovered mice that had been living in the insulation under the burners of our stove. The house was a vacation home and vacant for majority of the time. I think they found themselves a woarm home in there. And using the tray under the burners as a potty I think. (not the disposable things..

I do not believe they are living there presently but they are travelling down from the attic into the kitchen for food. We sealed the hole behind the dw and on the outside we believe they came into from. and have set traps in the attic.

I want to replace the oven. I am so disgusted by this whole thing. Hubby wants to replace the insulation and thoroughly clean the range.

The range is 20 years old but seems to be working fine. Since it was a vaca home, it wasn;t used everyday.

What are your suggestions??



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20 year old range? I'm generally of the "use it till it turns to dust" way of thinking, but in this case, I'd go for a new range.
Ranges have gotten so inexpensive, realtive to the cost of 20 years ago and you certainly don't need a top of the line in a vacation home.
Just my opinion!

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This is my permanent home. The Previous owners used it as their vaca home. Sorry I realize I didn;t explain well.

Even if we do buy one it is going to have to be one that is a lower end model but still have the ceramic top and self cleaning oven..


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I would buy a new one. For one, I would not have a lot of confidence that all of the droppings could be cleaned up unless you took the entire range apart, and that's just not hygienic. For another thing, at 20 years old, that range has pretty much done its time. I would not be happy at having to spend the money, but I would have no qualms about replacing this appliance.

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Stove or oven insulation is available on the web. Just do a Google search for Stove or Oven insulation. We did our range and it was easy...not to mention the fact we didn't have to give up our trusty old stove that we love.

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even though we're 2+ years after the original posting. I would not (actually did not) bother disaaasembling the old stove to replace the insulation after rodents got in there. It is just plain not worth the level of effort on a 20 year old nothing special appliance.


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lol, funny how things come back isn't it Ruth?

I hope you replaced it. Or if nothing else, put fans in the windows blowing out, turned it on self clean and sat in the yard with a cooler.

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And you learn something new every day!
Not being much of a cook - to say the least!-
I don't often use the oven...I'll do that google
search. I'm not buying a new stove..against my religion..LOL!
Thanks for telling me something I never even thought

And Merry Christmas everyone!

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annamarie_2008 said it was easy to find product to add more insulation all by yourself. I can't find any material called stove insulation, and I'd be hesitant about using regular heat insulation stuff because a stove can get very hot. --- I'll keep looking. Some sort of sheet or blanket material designed to withstand several hundred degrees without deteriorating.


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What you need is high-heat range insulation.

Here is a link that might be useful: high-heat range insulation

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...I know this is a 5 year old thread, so I'm just posting or anyone else who might have the same situation... the mice could have chewed up some of the wiring, so the range could be a fire hazard if mice had been living it.

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