Mrs. Fields cookies any good?

glad2gardenJuly 27, 2008

I used my discover rebate thing on a coupon for $40 at mrs. fields. I didn't realize that their cookies are so outrageously expensive! Anyone else ever ordered from them? I think I've wasted my rebate, cause I would never splurge on such a thing. I'm trying to stop impulse buying, but got caught on this one.

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Well, that the beauty of it!
You wouldn't splurge on them because they are so expensive...but now you can get them practically free!

Actually, I have used the Mrs Fields rebate twice... once to send cookies to my daughter for her birthday, and another time to send cookies to my son when he went away to college. Both gifts were well received and only cost me ~$15 each out of pocket after using the Cashback bonus certificate.

Great deal for me and my kids!

AND you only used $20 of the bonus to get $40 in cookies... that is great too.

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I bought some Mrs. Fields cookies from Menards a couple times when they had them on rebate. They were OK, but nothing to get excited about. I imagine they, like any cookie would be great when fresh and hot from the oven. But when they're a week or two old, they nothing special.

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I've never tased a store-bought cookie that can compare with homemade. Plus, I like to stay away from preservatives, HFCS, and the like, and when I make it myself I know I'm not getting any of that crap!

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OT but have you ever seen Mrs. Fields? She's young and gorgeous. I expected a cookie-baking granny.

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Hi everyone,

"Young and gorgeous ... " ... assures higher quality cookies?

Or perhaps may indicate such?

o j

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Nope, I was just making an OT comment. I do recall hearing a story that the wonderful smell you experience walking past Mrs. Fields is not really the cookies but some type of scent they use to entice you in. But that may be an urban cookie myth!

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Oh yeah, I used to watch her on the Food network way back when I had cable. She had a short-lived show on there, IIRC it was called the dessert show or something like that. Seems to me she did something like baking or something on there... ;) I didn't really pay attention to the recipes... But she did look good doing it!

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Mrs. Fields cookies will be filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy on August 25, 2008 under a "pre-packaged" restructure with its creditors.

They intend to continue operations.


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I bought Mrs, Field's cookies from a stand in the mall. I had been invited to a co-worker's home for dinner and brought the cookies as a hostess gift. I sneaked a couple on the way to her house. They were melty on the inside, just like homemade Tollhouse cookies. Expensive but worth it!

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