Law letter from school?

straywolfFebruary 15, 2007

Well, my daughter got a letter in the mail saying she was absent for more then 10 days. Shes been sick because of all the cold weather. I wasnt planing on making her go to school today (feb 15) But I had to considering this letter I got in the mail. The letter said if the absents continue to happen then the law was gonna step in. I dont know if I should know or not, but is this a bad thing? Will it affect her record at all and what would happen if she had to take another day off? If I didnt get a docters not for the school that is. Im just a little conserned. Please reply.

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Call the school and explain that she has been sick and when you expect her to return. Also check on her attendance record for this year. She may have several absences which you may not know about. If so, you will need to talk to your daughter about this. Some states require the student to attend for a certain number of days to be promoted, and you want to be sure she is getting her missed assignments and doing her make up work.

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In our district, if a student misses 15 days of school, they fail for the year. Only absences that don't count toward that total are those with a dr's note. Even field trips count as missed classes, so students have to be careful not to be out too often, or they can't go on their classes trips.

If your daughter is legitimately missing that much school, especially if it's in one stretch, then you need to contact the school, and have her receive at home instruction.

I presume, by now, you've done something about this, but I would suggest that you get a copy of the student handbook and keep it on hand. It will explain the district's policies on absences and other issues. As a parent, it's your responsibility to know what the requirements are, and to know what the procedures and penalties are when the rules are broken. And in future, ANY time you have a question, or if something unusual happens, you need to call the school immediately. Were they aware of how sick your daughter has been? Did you notify them the first day she was out, and touch bases daily about her condition? That's important, and expected in most schools.

Now, obviously, you can't send a child to school sick. But if it's the difference between her passing and failing, it's worth getting her to the dr. and getting a dr's note. And really, if she's been out that much--whether in one stretch or a bunch of different illnesses, it would seem to me that she probably needs to be seen by the dr. anyway, to see what the underlying problem is.

Hope she's feeling much better and has caught up on all her work.

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