Floor sagging and wood rot under it?

tlbean2004June 4, 2014

My living room wall was sagging and the termite guy was nice enough to jack it up for free for me. There are water pipes in the wall because the washing machine is on the other side. When i did not live there years ago there was apparantly a leak. I recenly moved my couch away from the wall and there were dents left in the oak floors where the couch sits. The floor boards have also seperated slightly from each other. It appears that the leak from years ago caused the subfloor to rot. The wall is level but the floor is slightly sunken in.
Does anyone know how much this could cost to fix?
There area where the floor boards have spread from each other is only about 8 square feet.
Would it be easy to fix and could i salvage my oak floors?
I live in arkansas by the way.
please advise.

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This is too general to be able to tell you what it would cost to fix.

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I'm curious, how did the termite guy jack up that wall?

I spent the past couple of days ripping up oak flooring damaged by termites [long before I bought the house]. They ignored the 2x12 fir subfloor, came up through the cracks, and feasted on the oak. Many of the boards I pulled up looked and felt fine on top, but the underside was half-gone or more.

There's really no good way to evaluate how extensive the damage is and how much it will cost to fix other than to start pulling up the boards and see how bad it is. If it's a conventional foundation, you can crawl under there and have a look to see it there is visible damage to the framing and subfloor. Starting around those dents, poke around with a screwdriver to see if there are other areas of softened flooring.

An experienced flooring installer can pry out the damaged wood, install new in their place, and [with a little luck] stain to match the rest of the room. Or it may be necessary to sand and stain the entire room.

Good luck.

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He jacked it up with 2x4's and cinder blocks.
There is no termite damage in house thankfully.

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This is not a do-it-yourself project. You need to hire a professional immediately.

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