Scanning Driver's License

xminionFebruary 11, 2010

Does anybody know what my district is doing this for besides 'The safety of the children?"

You can't even get an e-mail address for the school board president, but every parent, sibling, and visitor's sensitive information will be SCANNED.

I feel parents have the right to know where and to whom this information is going. Is it be cross-referenced with

an FBI list or what? And, why won't they tell us?

Anybody have any enlightenment on this? Thanks in advance!

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That is hard to believe. I would refuse until they clarify the reason. I guess after the school shootings they feel they have to do something. But unless they run the DL number to find out who knows what, it is a open field for identify theft. I would ask the local law enforcement for help, or even your local FBI office. Sounds like someone wants to be a big shot. If they give you static, contact your local invesagative reporter. Or make you show the regulations in writing and who made them and why they have to have that infomation.

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Do they want your driver's license or the student's? I'm not following you on that. Ihave heard that some schools require this when students are drive their cars to school and leaving the car in the student parking lot on school grounds but I can't imagine why they'd need your license. That makes no sense to me. Not everyone has a license. I'd be making calls for sure.

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After a massive letter writing campaign to school board members, PTA members, school district police still hearing "your information is secured in our database." Do they have any idea that the average junior high student can figure out how to hack their 'secure' mickey - mouse databases?

Perhaps it's time to involve the media..

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