computer journaling on velum

singsharmonyJanuary 21, 2002

I tried my first time to use the computer to journal on velum, the first time was wonderful, looked very classy, etc. The second time, it came out a smeary mess. So obviously there is a right side and a WRONG side to velum. How do I tell which is which.


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im not sure about a right side and a wrong side but i have used it on occassion for journaling the secret is let it DRY completely

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There has to be a wrong and right side, because one side came out perfect, no need to do anything, and the other side was just smeary and didn't even adhere to the page at all whether it had been dried or not. It was almost like it was waxed on that side, but I can't seem to feel any difference.

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I always end up having it smear when it comes out of the printer. I sure wish I could figure it out!

Does the type of ink matter?

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