AaliyahFebruary 5, 2002


Does naybody here work at, or attend Queen's University in

Kingston, Canada?

If so can you please tell me the grade average requirments?

thank you


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You should be able to find that out by going to the university web site. You might also check at the library or book store for one of those large catalogs of all sorts of information about various universities.

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I think their minimum admission average for highschool is 70%. Other programs may vary, ie. some may (most likely) require a higher gpa. It really depends what program you want to go into.

However, if you really want to go to Queens and other universitites, it's best to maintain a ~85%. Competition is really high and with the cohort thing in 2003, it's gonna be even worse.

Don't let the high gpa scare ya though...I wasn't a genius in highschool and I managed to get into university ;)

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This may help:
Queens Admission href>

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