Recommend a rotary tool please

ms_minnamouseJune 21, 2010

I'm looking for a rotary tool (a dremel or other brands) for odd jobs around the house and pet nail filing. Can you guys recommend a decent one at a decent price and where to buy it? There's so many out there, I don't know where to start. Thank you!

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I have always had good luck with an official dremel tool. They make a cordless version that might be better for you, especially for pet grooming.

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I still have the Dremel tool I got for christmas when I was 15. Next month I turn 49. I use it a lot.
That said, they are not what they used to be. My dear dad bought himself one in the early 90's and it was utter crap and died after a few years.
The best small die-grinder type rotary tool of all time is the Foredom. Separate motor, and a flexible shaft drive. Comfortable to hold all day, and doesn't get hot. With prolonged use, the dremel gets too hot to hold; tiny ball bearings in it.

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I have had very poor luck with Dremel. They sell bits like the tile cutting bit, and then give you a unit that dies after a couple of hours of off and on use. I had TWO of them go south recently and was able to resurrect one by taking it apart, cleaning everything, and putting it back together. I had another BRAND NEW one die completely after a couple of hours. Someone said that this tool is better for hobbyists. If that's so, then I think they should stop selling bits like the tile cutter.

If your intent is to use your rotary tool to do more than cut balsa wood, I'd go with a unit that's more rugged.

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