Help with replacing door knob

woodenzooJune 5, 2010

I've just replaced an exterior door knob and need to figure out where the latch is hitting the strike plate as it isn't catching. (The door can easily be pushed open without using the door knob.)

I'm thinking I need to know where it's hitting so I can adjust the strikeplate up, down, in or out so that the latch catches.

So, how do I go about doing this?



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Strike a line at the center of the strike blade, close the door until the latch bolt becomes partially engaged.
If the bolt and the strike appear to be properly aligned, your problem lies in the OTHER adjustment, in and out.

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It's a visual thing. Take a pencil and see where the latch hits the plate with the door in the almost closed position. Mark the top and bottom on the plate. Open the door and see how the lines correspond to the receiver opening on the strike plate. A door usually drops on the latch side, so if anything the latch hits below the opening. But it doesn't really matter, too high or too low.
If this is the case, remove the strike plate and file the opening larger if the latch is just missing the opening. If it's missing be more then 1/4" move the latch and fill in the other holes with a golf tee and cut it flush with the surface.
If the latch is off,"in and out" check to see if anything is holding the door away from the stop molding. Try putting back the old strike plate to see if it closes with that one. If it does, compare the openings and decide either to move the plate or file it.

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Thanks so much for the quick replies!
With your help, I've got it taken care of now.

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