Garage door opener - correct angle? lift bar to door?

cityboyinburbsJune 16, 2012

My old Craftsman/Chamberlain 1/2 horse chain drive broke an extension spring last week.

Installed two new springs + new pulleys.

I tested it and balance is fine; almost no effort to raise/lower this heavy (145 lb.) old wood door

However I'm concerned that while the door is fairly quiet going UP, during last 1/3 of going DOWN,

it makes lots of noise, and **overhead track bows downward***.

This is a 2 car garage; 2nd door has similar chain-drive opener & no problems.

I notice that when 2nd door is closed, there is a maybe a 45 degree angle on

the bar that goes from trolly "slider" to the door, while on the "noisy" door,

that angle can't be more than 10-15 degrees.

Can this be where problem is?

Should I adjust travel of the slider on the trolly

(slider has 3 positions -holes- available,

currently set in hole closest to door, that provides least angle)

There are a lot of badly installed fixes and "upgrades" in this house,

--not me, from previous owner, I only do best work, and never ever make mistakes, ROTFL--

so would not be surprised that this c.1985 installation was ....junk.


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Find the model number of your opener and go here to download an owners manual. The manual will have complete installation instructions. Make sure the opener is installed correctly. If this problem started after your spring installation it makes you wonder.

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Forgot this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Owners Manual

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Figuring it couldn't hurt anything, I moved the movement end-point of the garage door opener to match the other opener.
Bingo, problem solved.

BTW... Read several manuals, and found nothing about angles.
But, then again, the manuals I read were for later models where the portion that attaches to the door is shaped more like a letter J, while mine is a straight bar.
The "J" shape would tend to make you put that angle there.

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