Troubling Preschool Teacher

bnewFebruary 28, 2014


My 4 year old goes to a preschool. She was sent home because she had a vomit. When I went to pick my child, I asked questions like does she have fever, did she accidentally swallow anything. Then the teacher and one other person from school who was present there answered that she has lot of cough. I said ok and I got her home. After that day the preschool teacher whom I asked the questions is not treating my child well. She does that when I am going to drop and pick my child in school. Makes me feel that my child is not welcomed there. Teacher will do things such that you cannot provide any proof about it. What do I do? I am frustrated.
I even heard her shouting at my child in the playground, when I was walking on street going to pick my child and children were in playground. I must be at least 75 feet away and I could hear teacher shouting loudly my son's name.
I personally think I did nothing wrong. If I leave my child somewhere I would like to know if anything happens to her.

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bnew, if you're uncomfortable with the preschool that your child (son? daughter? You say both, above) attends, why not just change preschools?

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Don't think twice. If you feel your child is uncomfortable there, just switch schools as soon as the academic year ends,

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