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lynn_r_ctJune 21, 2014

I must replace the subfloor in my 70's house. Do I run the T&G boards perpendicular or parallel to the joists?


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Use plywood.

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Planned to use plywood as many of friends/family have suggested, but could not get a consensus on which direction. I am somewhat confused by snoonyb's answer. I am using .701 4 x 8's. If I lay them diagonally, wouldn't that create a lot of waste?

The room is approx. 17'x 24'. Thanks for your patience guys.

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I just realized that a similar discussion is going on in the post of tlbean2004. Probably best to shut this one down and hop on over there. It has more dialogue but I thank all that responded to me - I'll be over there from now on. Again, TY.

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