Craftsman garage door opener problem (power randomly off)

huahouJune 21, 2010

I have a craftsman garage door opener which I installed 10 years ago. Recently I have this (seems-like) power problem, and it's getting worse and worse. I searched through numerous messages on this forum, but could not find a similar one. Here is the problem:

Sometimes (not always) when I tried to open the garage door with original remote control, or the door pad, the opener does not respond at all. It seems that the power to the opener is cut off (because the light on the opener is not on, as it would normally do). If I hit/shake the opener with my hand, the light will come on for a second or two, then the light will go off. I can hear the sound of "click" when the light is on and off. I have to hit / shake the opener multiple times until the light stays on, then I can open the door with remote or door pad. What could go wrong? something within the opener is getting loose?


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You need to pull the logic board and check for loose connections on the printed circuit especially around the small transformer. This is not uncommon.

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