To whom to report school to

Redbone66February 17, 2002

I am trying to find out who to report the school to because of not feeding mine or any child the right kinds of foods. Or if anything at all. I already spoke to the board members and everyone below them. For example 4 chicken sticks for breakfest. Please someone help. Thanks

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Is this a public school? Or private? If it is a city school then I guess you could go above that by reporting the chicken sticks to the State agency that has to do with feeding school children. If the school is a county school, first stop is the county than the state.

You might be surprised that the school breakfast program might consider the chicken sticks to be healthier for breakfast or just as healthy as bacon or eggs.
If you are complaining about the amount of food, not being enough, you could say that (You didn't say how large the chicken sticks were). You would have to have proof when reporting the food, that the food amount is either not enough, or the food does not have the proper protien, or nutrient-making the chicken stick not in line with what schools in your state are serving for breakfast, or that the chicken isn't cooked properly-correctly as in being not cooked enough -or cooked in an area exposed to bateria, and unsanitary conditions.

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Most goverment orgs require food-pyramid type stuff. I.E. breakfast must include a dairy, a protein, a carb, a fat, a veggie/fruit.

DD's preschool (and her daycare before that) were required to report their menus to the USDA.

Try this site that allows you to report to the USDA any infractions.

Here is a link that might be useful: USDA lunch program site

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I would think the local office of the state health department or department of children and families (or whatever they call it in your state). That is usually who grants licenses for pre-schools or childcare.

At the start of the school year, from my sons' preschool, anyway, I received a list of rules and regultions that the school has to follow from the state health department and had to sign that I had received the list in case the dept checks on the school. Among other things, it stated exactly what guidelines the school follows on feeding the kids. I never received that from the public school, but I would think they have to answer to the same governing body.

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Are chicken sticks all the child gets? Nothing to drink, no fruit? Is this a private or public school?

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Hello again,
This is a public school. The grade school is 3 blocks away from the high school. The grade school has an cafateria but for some reason is feeding them in there class rooms. Any over half of the time they get spoiled milk because they let the milk set out for a long time before and after serving it and also it is out of date. Yes, they only get 4 small chicken stix's. Sometimes they do give them juice. Not always. At lunch they hardly ever serve vegetables. The high school gets sandwiches all the time and sometimes the mayo is spoiled on them.
TREKaren, Thanks for the information. I have wrote a letter to all three.

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Good luck!!! Hope the USDA or some agency does some good there. Tax $$ at work!

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WOW! Sounds like federal guidelnes are being severely ignored. Could you go to the school and take some photographs of several of the childrens plates immediately after they have been served, to document the portion (or lack of) servings? Could you supply your child with some telephone money to call you when he/she is next served milk past it's expiration date so you, yourself can actually verify this yourself? Does your child get a menu issued by the school listing what the breakfasts and lunches he/she will be served for the following week or month? Could you keep a menu and make a comparison of the menu issued with the actual meals served and have some photographs to back up and illustrate your complaints? By the way, please remember that chicken sticks, if they are breaded, probably are considered the protein, carbohydrate ad fat souce of the meal. A child should have at least a dairy and fruit/vegetable source offered as well, or have them included as a snack at nutrition breaks which many schools now incorporate into the mid morning school day. Good luck.

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Do you pay alot for these breakfasts and does everyone get them? Or could you feed your child a breakfast at home, like alot of children are feed? Just curious, my children never ate breakfast at school, I fed them at home. Many times it would be cereal milk, and juice.
Sounds like they drink milk. Do you know for sure the milk is spoilt? Or is this information coming from your daughter or other parents?
I didn't like the lunches at school for my kids, because even the grammar school kids were able to serve themselves
food. Everyday on the steam table you would find pizza and french fries along with a meat and some vegetables. But goodness , what child if given a choice between meat, vegetable , pizza and fries wouldn't get the french fries and pizza for lunch every day!!! And most all the child did just this, everyday! I thought they shouldn't have had these 2 foods on the steam table every day.
Didn't make a bit of sense to me.

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The milk is spoiled. I seen and smelled it may self. Yes, I could feed my girls at home but when it is tight on money and time, it doesn't go that way. No, I do not pay for these meals, they get free meals. I know what the rules are with serving kids meals. I work in a daycare and also a head start as a cook. Yes, the breading on the chicken stixs count for the bread. But four SMALL chicken stixs does not fill up any child.

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Sorry if I upset you, but we live in a nation of fat adults and children. I don't believe the national USDA guidelines were established with the idea to necessarily fill them up, but to meet the recommended nutritional and caloric guidelines. If your children get 2 ounces of chicken from the chicken sticks (very probably found in 4 chicken sticks) then the school has met the nutrition guidelines for the MAXIMUM daily requirements for protein from meat sources. Maybe not enough to fill your children up completely, but enough to keep them from suffering from ill health due to lack of protein. I think maybe you should ask your local school for the nutritional breakdown of these chicken sticks. You might be surprised at their caloric content. I personally would be more concerned about the lack of fresh milk, variety of vegetables or fruits, and other carbohydrate sources that ensure and teach a sense of proper balanced nutrition. I don't believe the actual point is whether your children eat breakfast at home and carry lunches or what these meals cost you. The point is that your children qualify to partake in the federal school breakfast and school lunch program and you don't believe your children are being supplied with the actual nutrition that the tax dollars paying for this program are supposed to do. The end result being that you don't believe your children are getting the full benefit from their education (which is why these programs were established)) because they are feeling hungry most of the day. That's a BIG and SERIOUS claim and will require some detective work on your part. You need to gather and inform other parents (if you have not already done so) and you need to start gathering proof. Then, as a group, you need to confront your school's board of education. When you do so, you will need your proof in hand and to then be prepared to state what steps you will take if the matter is not solved an corrected at the local level. Good luck. This is going to be a big undertaking, but you owe it to your child and any other children who are having their health and education jeopardized by their school. Once again, good luck.

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I am one of those FAT adults in this nation. But that does not mean I am because of the way I eat! I have a medical problem. The problem is that they should get more then chicken stixs, like a juice or fruit and also fresh milk. Which they are not getting! I am CONCERNED with it ALL! Like I said I have already taken it to the school board with proof in hand and so has other parents. That did not work and that is why I asked for help in finding out who else to go to. In which I already wrote to and have been written back, informing me that the matter WILL be taken care of. I also sent them the proof that I had. My girls will not attended this school next school year because of not only of this problem but also the drug and volience problem it has. I stand up for my children and any other child that needs me too. When I wrote that money and time is tight it is because of taking my husband to chemo treatment every week and my youngest daughter having stomache problems, taking her back and forth to the doctors. And she is one of those SKINNEY children in this nation. This matter is dropped!!

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