Wooden top on island

azpedsrnApril 6, 2013

I'm hoping to get some opinions here. We're ready to do some updating in our kitchen. Originally we were going to put granite on the the counter tops and the island but now I'm starting to consider a solid wood for the island top. I'm wondering if anyone here did a wooden top on an island and regrets it??? Thanks for any help.

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I did my entire perimeter counter in wood, and don't regret it. I also have an antique wood top table as an island, and love IT, too!!!


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We did American cherry several years back and have no regrets. Do a search on "wood counters," "tung oil," and "waterlox" and you will find the motherlode of wood counter information.

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We did walnut on our island finished with Osmo top oil. I wanted a natural look that was repairable rather than the thick shiny (though waterproof) look of Waterlox. I love it! It looks beautiful and is highly repairable - scratches can be easily sanded off and re-oiled. Over the holidays someone made a huge circular scratch on the surface. But after sanding and oiling, you cannot even tell. You can see in the pic that I need to oil the one end which looks lighter, it's where we eat so gets scrubbed more than the rest.

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We have antique pine on our island. 6.5 years and still love it. It is finished with Good Stuff for Wood.

We just installed wood counters at DD2s house yesterday. She is finishing them with organic BioShield #54 wood counter finish (linked below)

Our kitchen:
French Gray Island

Here is a link that might be useful: BioShield Wood Counter Finish

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Thanks for the opinion and especially for the pictures. Both islands are both beautiful!!

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Breezygirl has a walnut island top as well . I love looking at the wood top islands but don't think dh would go for it and not sure it would 'fit' with the other elements we like. But every time I see one I just want to run my hand across it! I hope she doesn't mind that I link it.

sloane-love that edge on yours also.

They just look so rich and add so much classic warmth. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Breezygirl's Kitchen Pictures

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I have 2 1/4inch maple bb on my peninsula, rest is Danby marble.
Because I feel like I have to baby my marble (for right now), I love the fact that I have my bb. We really use/abuse the bb. I love it that I can do anything to it and if I ever find it too ratty-looking, I can sand it down and start all over again. change the stain, carve-it-up/vintage-it, or leave it pristene, etc.
It's like the paint color in my house: I can change it up anytime. Yes, not very easy-peasy, but very doable.


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