Should i remive the many small braches that have fallen on roof

tlbean2004June 20, 2014

I have a very large tree in my backyard that overhangs the roof. Thea roof has a very shallow pitch. There are many small branches that are sitting on the roof that have fallen off the tree. They have not caused any damage but i was wondering if i should worry about removing them or if it is ok to just leave them up there?

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It appears you do not have gutters?

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That is correct i do nor have gutters. But that was not the question.

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"That is correct i do nor have gutters. But that was not the question."


Do you think that the presence or absence of gutters might not have an influence on the answer?

Your snarky answer won me over. Bye.


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It's not urget to remove them especialy if getting on the roof would be dangerous for you or if it means hireing it done. The main reason the small limbs don't pose a problem is because you have neither roof valleys nor gutters. You didn't ask but it is very important that limbs that overhang roof don't touch the roof. Limbs that don't touch on a calm day can be blown against it by wind doing sever damage.

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Hi, I would clean the roof off once a year after the leaves fall. That would allow your roof to drain thus keeping the life span of your roof intact,

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I have a similar situation with a large tree. I try to get out on the roof and pick them up and sweep up the tree debris occasionally because they clog the gutters. Even with gutter covers, the branches interfere with rainwater draining off the roof. And there is the remote chance they can fall off the house onto someone head. Or my dog's head. Even a small branch falling off a house could seriously hurt you.

And I think the gunk that's there with the branches isn't good for the shingles.

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Little branches catch leaves and stuff, which rot, make tannin stains, encourage moss, keep shingles wet all the time; shall I continue?

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you should call a tree guy to trim the lower branches so that they do not overhang the roof. While he's there have him sweep the roof clean.

As sombreuil said, having a shaded roof doesn't let it dry out very efficiently and just promotes mold and degradation.

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