My son plays alone

missy1313January 25, 2007

Hi, My 10 year old son started 4th grade in a new school it has been 6 months and he says he still plays by himself at school, I work at another school on the playground and he had no problems making friends.He is very out going, friendly I don't know what to do I hate thinking that he sits alone at recess.

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If indeed this is not like your son, then you should give the guidance counselor a call. In some schools they have social groups to help the new students meet and make friends. Also, talk with your son about it in a casual manner. Kids usually open up right before the go to sleep, perhaps to stay up a little longer. Talk with his teacher. You can all act as a team to address the socialization issue.

Some kids aren't very social by choice, but from your post, it seems that is not the case with your son. I'd get to the bottom of it, soon. Good luck.

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Thank You I will check on this social group.

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