Noisey Garage Door

clagaJune 28, 2011

My garage door is very noisey.

The house is new construction and it looks like the garage door installers have the tracks up misaligned.

Is this a DYI job to re-align the tracks?


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1) If it's new construction, call the contractor and have him take a look at it.

2) What's the spring configuration?
If it's a torsion spring (a single wound spring over the head of the door), it's not really a DIY job.

If there are two tension springs running parallel to the tracks, it's much safer for the DIYer, but how do you intend to realign the tracks?

probably best to call the contractor/door installer.

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Is the noise caused by the rattling of a sloppily installed door or the the vibrations of a garage door opener?

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Thanks for your replies.
The noise is caused by slopply installation.
If I dis-engage the door from the opener, and run the opener it is very quiet.
I have had the installer back twice the first time they claimed to have adjusted the door and lubricated the tracks.
The second time they claim they could quiet it for an additional $220 for quiet ride rollers.
It's amazing that the door right next to it although not perfect, it is dramatically quieter.

Thanks again

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