Do you ever get the feeling ......

EbonyRoseJanuary 4, 2003

That you don't really get a straight answer form the teachers or know what's happening at the school your child is attending??

I have the highest repect for a teacher who tells me the way things really are but they are getting fewer and fewer as the system changes. They seem to have been beaten down with all the poltics of working in teacher's Union and dealing with problem parents. I can see the difference in some of them you can just tell they have had a rough day yet they don't say a word to the parent because of their own reasons. Yet I know for a fact that they will complain among each other which in a small town like I live in always finds it's way into gossip. Each parent meeting I go to I tell the teacher I am here to be their back up and that the welfare of my children are in both our hands and that is why I want honesty...even if I don't like what they have to say. I also listen very carefully to my children when they talk to me about their teachers and school and let them know I stand by them but expect them to deal with their mistakes. So far this has made for a very open discussion on things here at home and events at school. I am hoping this is the ground work for when they attend High School and things get even more complicated for them. I am very proud of the young people they are becoming but it does worry me that the lack of honesty between the parents and the teachers will effect the students in the long run. If everything has to be sugar coated for the parents because telling the truth would mean conflict for the teachers and school then many parents are walking around blind to many important things going on within the walls of the school their child attends everyday. Sharon

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No I don't get that feeling. I only need straight answers about my own child. I think the teachers should show professional discretion in what they tell parents.

Picking out some of your words: politics, gossip, problem parents, rough day, complain among each other... To me, those sound like the kind of discussion that should stay between teachers. It's none of my business and distracts from the important stuff anyhow. I don't want to be the teacher's best friend, I don't want to be privy to venting about rough days. I want a professional relationship with them. I am happy to be left out of the gossip material.

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Maybe there truly needs to be more stress on the parents and teachers working TOGETHER in order to make the school experience the best for the children.
I think that communication is key between parents and teachers, and that it can only benefit the students.
You don't go onto too much detail on your relationship with these teachers, are they personal friends or just teachers at the school? The reason that I ask is because it's hard to expect a "stranger" to pour out their soul regarding the troubles they have on their job, especially a job such as teaching which can have very emotional days. Unless there seems to be something wrong with your children maybe you should ease up and just hang in on being an involved parent. That's what is most important I think!:)

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