Scrapbook/Yearbook for Graduating Elementary Class

Michelle24January 7, 2003

My son will be going to another school at the end of this year. He has been in a small private Christian school since Pre-K and has gone all the way through 5th grade with the same children (12 kids in all). They will be going separate ways at the end of the year and I want to make a scrapbook/yearbook to give to each one. However, I don't know where to begin! I've asked the other parents to give me photos of their child and the teacher is keeping poems, artwork, short stories, etc. that the children have done throughout the year. Does anyone have any suggetions on how to put all this together into a book? Are there any sites I can go to that might have ideas? Thanks for any advice you have.

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How about opening with a school page - pictures of all the students and the staff. Then maybe pages by grade - for instance if there are 3 first graders - a picture of all of them on a page that says Third grade and then have their individual pages follow.
For each child's individual page how about a picture with something they write underneath - for instance
John Doe
I am 7 years old and in second grade. My favorite subject is Math. My best school memory of this year was going on a field trip to the zoo.
You get the idea - you could give each child a questionaire to fill out so that there was some consistency to what was written on their page.
Good luck - it is a wonderful idea. It will be something those children will love looking back at for years to come!

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Thank you for your ideas. I just needed a starting point - thanks! I'll be doing this just for his 5th grade class (12 students). There are approximately 150 students in the whole school so I don't want to tackle a project that big. I'll start on the questionnaire right away. I guess it will be more like a memory book. Thanks again.

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Michelle -- are you still working on this? I have the same assignment for my daughter's class. The past few years they have included:
* full formal class pic with teachers,
* many candids,
* individual pic of each child,
* individual baby pic of each child (w/out captions -- anwer key at end, a guessing game, really),
* write-ups for every grade/teacher (In Mrs. Lucy's Kindergarten class, we....),
* a Remember When section, for kids to post both funny stories and on-going pass-times,
* a "trends" page (names of popular artists, fashions),
* poetry, artwork, etc.
* a "In the year XXXX I will be ..." section for each students predictions.
* a couple of pages for autographs.

Any other ideas from anyone? Any other resources you've found helpful?

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