i just wanted to throw a uniform criticism out there...

daistheputridoneJanuary 28, 2009

well, im sorry to be "that guy" and i really dont mean to offend anyone but the incredulous stupidity of uniforms is blaring in my mind and i just need to vent

so here goes....allow me to show how ineffective uniforms are

1.uniforms do not promote not facilitate social equality

-i can tell the difference between a 6.99$ polo shirt and a 50.99$ polo shirt.....

-people will criticize others method of dress irregardless of the uniform and if that is impossible, they will degrade their pysical appearance

-uniorms dont idenify you with common traits of another student, they make you despise him because he reminds you of how idiotic what youre wearing is

2.uniforms do not promote discipline or "spirit"

-school spirit is nice, but being yelled at for insignifigant "inractions" that i was already aware of makes me fel incompotent and killed what little spirit i ever had

-treating people like they are incapable of dressing themselves makes them question both the intellegence of the system that is teaching them, destroying morale, and their own intelligence, which kills self esteem

-pestering people to tuck in their shirts is stupid....its a shirt it doesnt matter, and you just made that guy feel like an idiot

3.unifroms dont stop gang activity

- thats what tattos, hand gestures, colors, and slang are for.....gangs will exist always and a change of decent clothes to stupid clothes wont ever stop that

4.uniforms do not "prepare anyone or the real world"

-my jobs have never had a formal dress code, and sure some do, but they are the minority .....many jobs have free dress , so this statement is null isnt it

-college has no dress code so that doesnt apply there either

5.uniforms straight up look bad on people....i mean im a big guy, about 6'3 and 200 lbs and im nicely built but anytime i tuck in a polo shirt, i gain like 20 lbs , the same goes for slacks........its makes me more self aware that i look idiotic in them and untucking the shirt, solving the problem, gets me yelled at

6.uniforms do not promote academic welfare

-my intelligence and perseverance promote my academic study, not what im wearing nor does it distract others....(if you spend all day looking at some dudes lip ring, thats your creepy fetish, not everyones)

-i solely determine if i want to try to apply myself in school and i , the very smart person that i am, and about 2000 other people at my school feel underappraciated and insulted that we are told that what we think is irrelevant in the face of 100 administrators

-my uniform actually distracts me and inspires me to say screw you to learning because its not worth it

7.uniforms can be expensive for low income familes

-lets say you have 4 kids and you have to pay 100 dollars for each o them to have brand new clothes evry year, that gets expensive and then no matter how "equal" they allegedly make people, those kids will still be insulted becasue they couldnt afford more expensive uniform articles and other accesories

8.unifroms are plain uncomfortable

9.the way that uniforms are enforced are too adamant, too spartan, and plain way too retarded(no offence)

if you needed to make sure i was someone that you didnt know, then check my id, i can live with that, but if you know me im not putting it on, you know who i am , not am i tucking in my shirt just because you think youre better than me

10. uniforms make students ffel irrelevant in position to their admin....this is not so

all people are 70%water and 30% wasted metal, and theyre all equally dismal creatures....youre not better than me becasue of your age or your title or anything like that, were on the same level

.............theres a few more, but im tired, ill post the rest later

feel free to comment if you want, i just wanted to release a bit of hate in a free environment

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You said it all. I opted out of my daughter wearing the uniform and we got SO much negativity because we wouldn't conform. It was actally quite an eye-opener and a big lesson in group pressure.

None of the things they tell you as good points about the uniform are true, as the OP has said here. The only thing that IS true is that it is faster to get dressed in the morning. Granted, but do you give up your options in life just for ease? If so, wouldn't it be easier just to let the army select a president? We wouldn't have to be bothered making an informed decision and voting. So much easier..."Surrender your lesser liberties and you shall soon surrender your larger ones, as well" Patrick Henry.

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i aplaude your use of the opt out policy, that was very impressive of you, because i find that most parents have been brainwashed to believe in the "good" of the uniform and they wont hear otherwise, you are one of the exceptions to that realization, and that deserves some applauding, i say....

incidently youre liberty arguement is all the more impressive, and i appreciate your deliberation

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I guess uniforms are not for everyone! Most of the kids I know love wearing uniforms. In fact, it was one of the reasons why they chose the high school they're attending.

Here, uniforms can only be bought at one store so everyone has the same quality of clothes. And it costs way more than $100... more like $700.

Some of the reasons these kids (including my daughter) like the uniforms are:

- nobody is judged by the type of clothing they're wearing (expensive or cheap, in style or out-of-style, etc.)

- a person is judged/accepted by their personality, not by their image

- don't have to worry about what you're going to wear every day

- they have "dress down" days every month, some twice a month (meaning you don't have to wear your uniform)

And yes, they're are "rules" that must be followed when wearing your uniform.

IMO, it should be up to the student if he/she wishes to attend a school that requires a uniform. I left it up to my daughter. It was her decision to wear a uniform.

One friend's daughter attends a high school that has no uniforms and it's getting ridiculous how these kids are pressured into having the same brand of clothing (even purses) and shoes. If you can't afford it, then you are labelled and considered an outcast. Is it any better???

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i suppose i wouldnt really care about the uniform, no never mind i would but to a lesser degree, if they didnt shove it down your throat at every chance.....

700, damn , those must be some expensive clothes.......good god

the only problems are youll always be judged, and if im judged by my clothes the only thing anyone would ever think was "man if i screw with that guy, he'll kill he....everyones deluded about 14-18 year old kids it seems


with normal clothes, you can pick alternative styles to go with the contour of your physique....if everyone wears the same generic clothes then the skinny peolpe will look anorexic and the overweight people will look even more ridiculous......congradulations, you just got judged

go up to any kid now and theyll tell you all the same reasons that anyone ever mentions, but those arent there reasons, theyre just vomiting out the stuff the admin has wrongfully spoon fed them year after year

fashion.....screw fashion

id much rather wear what i feel comfortable in than be forced to remind myself how unattractive i think i am by putting on a uniform that has no bearing on academia

a school isnt a day care, is an academic institution, and if someone is bothering you then either
walk away......kill him(for the extremists).....or ignore him, dont adopt a uniform that makes 3000 people feel incompotent compared to the 20 admin that like the idea

utterly ridiculous..........

hmmmm, more of a rant than a reply, my apologies

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Children's little minds are easily molded. They do
not have the maturity or life experience to see the concept behind the conformity thinking.

Personally I think it will be interesting to see if these uniformed children, who will be adults in charge when we are old, will force us into uniforms in our retirement communities? How will we like that? I'll be escaping over the fence in my walker, you can bet!

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true , true

with any luck they'll give you an electric wheelchair, and you can haul it

conformity is foolish, plain and simple, i pity the next generation

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"- a person is judged/accepted by their personality, not by their image "

Not 100% true. Even though all kids may be wearing the same uniform, the "fit" of the clothing on their frame is not the same. This heightens opportunity for kids to compare how they each look in the same outfit and certainly heightens things that kids may want to hide such as breast development, pudgy tummy, etc.

IMHO, it is far better for children to wear clothing that fits well and is comfortable. This increases their self esteem which has a direct impact on self-image and the image projected to others.

For those who argue that children can be harsh re: designer labels, etc. Welcome to the Real World. Adults can be harsh, too, on many levels. I've dealt with my fair share of young twenty-somethings who think the world will come to an end because so-and-so doesn't think they're the greatest person ever. Grow up.

Children must be *taught* that judging others is wrong, and self-esteem should be based on personality and inner strength rather than the clothes on the body. Uniforms are a shallow and misdirected effort to compensate for the failure of people to grasp this concept.

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I taught abroad and all the kids wore uniforms and it didn't seem to be a big deal. You could def see who had nice new uniforms that fit and who had hand me downs but that would have been the case either way.

Our children went to Catholic school and wore uniforms. The first year I bought three shirts and two jumpers for $100 which she wore for two years. I handed them down to a smaller girl and an older girl handed hers down to my daugher. They were very high quality and lasted for years. Now she is in public school and I can tell you a year's clothes cost me WAY more than $100.

Next year the oldest is going back to Catholic school and her uniform is khakis, required shirt sold at school $12 and blazer $30. I'm planning on buying 3 shirts and 2 blazers, she already has khakis. You can put a student in a uniform against the generic public school fare and more than likely the public school kid paid more for their clothes.

Beyond that I would rather have my daughter corrected for her uniform not being tidy than having to spend the day looking at cleavage, butt crack, navels, underwear, etc. that kids without uniforms are allowed to wear at school. Yikes!

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perhaps the international spect is more relaxed toward subjects, unfortunately the us tends to blow them out of proportion

the thing is though that sure youll have to buy something new from time to time, and when it becomes possible leave it to the kids and their own funds to buy new clothes(no skin off your back), and if they tell you theyll die without a new 100$ shirt, well then obviously its a play

you dont have to have a fashion orgie everytime someone in your family wants to buy something, so the extra cost is little to negligient

besides id rather spend the 1000 extra dollars a year (with my money of course) than wear something that makes me look incompotent and pathetic.....its not a matter of money , its a matter of how little im going to do for the admin who think theyre better than me(who are sadly mistaken by the way)

the chief parental concern is money, but that concern can be rendered irrelevant by a simple premise, and then it boils down to the real problem

"why have this ineffective system that offers no value toward school at all in my face all the time-the answer, some people(administrators) went to school and got a degree in "making adolescent children feel like a waste-ology)

and if thats the only reason i have to dress like an idiot, to appease someones dejected taste in clothes and superiority, then i think maybe theyre the one with the problem and that the system that the crazy dude made up isnt in my best interest

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It's interesting that the supporters of uniforms think they are just great - for somebody else to wear. If you really believe uniforms are less expensive, more democratic, make the wearer smarter and better behaved - then why aren't YOU wearing one? Oh, I see, because nobody is forcing you to do it. There is a word for that and it starts with H.

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I'm not forced to wear a uniform but I have a type of clothes that I wear to work that I consider my uniform and then a certain type of clothes that I wear when I am out and about or volunteering at school that is different.

There are many types of jobs that require uniforms of sorts including business attire, medical scrubs, exercise gear, and actual company uniforms. When I taught overseas, I wore the school uniform every day and it was fine by me. My first two jobs (grocery store and hotel) required me to wear a uniform also not a big deal to me. If the company I work for now said- you have to wear a uniform I would without complaint. I consider myself more than the clothes I wear.

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There are many positive aspects to kids wearing school approved uniforms. I support uniforms but I am not passionate at this point in my life. I have worked with kids all my adult life--now I am on a college campus. the girls uniform there is skin tight jeans & skin tight low necked shirts! I want to say at 9:00 AM every morning--this is not Sat night at the bar!! The male profs like it though.

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To newgardenelf...

school uniforms and work uniforms are different matters
though in many way, not to mention that in exchange for your services in the workforce youre paid adequately...
besides remember for every job with a uniform there is one without

to debbimc

if for any reason a bit of skin has been incorporated in ones style(and i rather wish it wasnt most of the time) then a uniform wont obliterate that....in fact it will repeat the same exact thing out over and over making it more applicable

besides a simple dress code list or "no halter top" rule could knock some of the right out, so why a uniform......i doubt the alleged positives that people mention but never define

and like you said, college is a free environment, you paid 500 dollars for the class, so you can wear whatever you want to

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newgardenself: I was making a joke.....I don't know...being funny ..or trying to..well maybe it missed. Like I said I wasn't talking about uniforms --just those self imposed "uniforms".....?????????

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to debbimc:

oops, sorry dude
misinterpreted your post

sorry or gouging into you like that, my bad

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