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becki_in_laMarch 2, 2006

I know a lady that has made beautiful scrapbook pages using photos from magazines as the "decorations" for the photos.

If you have ever gotten catalogs from any plant nurseries company, you know that they take beautiful pictures of their plants for sale.

I work for the state and the budget is tight. I asked this lady to create a scrapbook. She takes the photos of the ladies and garnishes them with pictures of flowers. She glues the pictures around the photos to create frames. Sometimes, she just puts a "pile" at the bottom of the photo. She gets the pictures from the various gardening magizines that I bring her.

If the picture is big enough, she will put a cropped photo on top so that it appears that the person in the photo is in the picture, usually of a garden.

I have expanded this idea in my scrapbook by adding pictures of flowers, roses for example, in empty spots on a page of a family member. If I know what their favorite flower is, I will use those flowers.

I'm not sure I can post pictures of her pages because the ladies in the pictures can't be published. I will try to scan them and block out the faces.

I hope you can understand these directions because the pages are just beautiful and plant catalogs can be ordered via the internet free of charge.

I really like using water garden photos, as water lilies and lotus are very colorful and I have three water gardens of my own.

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