If you have a Hobby Lobby store...

monicatxJuly 7, 2003

Hi, If you have a Hobby Lobby store in your area and are ready to start Christmas Shopping - this is the week. Their web site is featuring a 50% off internet only coupon on their Children's activity kits including the Natural Science brand. Check it out. I used one a few months ago for birthday presents for grandsons. I bought a volcano making kit and a dinosour inbedded in rock that the child chips out and then gets to assemble the pieces. Really neat and with the coupon, each present was $5. or $6.00. That's my price range. I'm a frugal grandma.

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Sounds like they have great bargins! I looked but they don't seem to come this far north :(

Thanks for sharing the saving ideas, hope someone farther south uses 'em!!

Azarae D.

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