Wax on stamped concrete patio

2golftodayJune 22, 2012

We have a stamped concrete patio. Unfortunately, we spilled a citronella candle and it ran all over the patio. We haven't been able to get the wax off. It looks like it has sunk down into the concrete. Would powerwashing clean this off? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Concrete is porous. The wax has gone into it's pores and you're not going to get it out. The only thing I could suggest you try is a warm iron and some clean towels. Place the clean towels over the stain and use the warm iron to heat the stain until the wax is molten again. The towel will pull some of the wax out, and then you can try a paste of baking soda on top of the molten wax after you remove the towel. It might pull some of the stain out, but no way is it ever going to look brand new like it never happened.

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Thanks LWO, I'll give it a try.

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