hllow to ship heavy roll top

chery2July 10, 2005

Our vacation has taken us from VA to OR, where my SIL has offered us a lg. rolltop desk. I haven't the first idea how to get it back to VA. One person suggested calling a moving van co; another said that was too risky.

Any ideas? Suggestions? TIA, chery-va

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This sort of problem came up at the kitchen table forum, and they had lots of ideas....why don't you try posting over there?
Good luck!

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Chery - try to locate a LTL (less than truckload) carrier in your area. They specialize in moving many small shipments all going to the same location.

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"LTL" being "Less than Truck Load".

ole joyful

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Thanks, all. Will let you know what I find out. chery-va

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Also check with Greyhound, which will ship some things for you depending on weight/size.

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