What qualities are necessary for academic success in high school

abc12308081January 15, 2002

What qualities are necessary for academic success in high school and why?

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The ability to sit in a chair for five hours each day while being told what to do, and when to do it. Then come home and do an hour of homework to practice sitting in a chair for an hour doing what you were told to do. Come back the next day and prove that you can memorize everthing that happened the day before. Think about it...
Sorry, not being mean, just silly, and to top it off I am a public school teacher.

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Must be organized! With so many teachers and differing assignments, a student must learn to plan their work. This is why journals have become so common in high school. A student needs to learn how to look ahead and know what is due, when it is due, and plan accordingly.

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Goals. If you don't have a plan, don't have at least a vague idea of where you'd like to be going in life, high school is a lot of meaningless chatter. However, if you realize that no successful person starts out on top, that there are steps you must take to get where you eventually want to be, then you'll have the drive, dedication and a reason to succeed.

Ah, but to clarify things--those goals don't have to be written in stone. They can be re-evaluated at anytime and modified as you develop and become more clear as to what you really do want out of life.

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I am a highschool student in tenth grade. You need to be able to concentrate, work hard, set goals, and make sure that you have free time. I got to school from 7:45am-3pm. Most nights I have around 3 hours of homework. Its insane

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YOu just need to have fun. Enjoy high school, socialize with your peers. Go to class, write the tests, study of course but don't put too much pressure and stress on yourself, save that for when you're at college.

You just need to know how to study right.

I didn't spend 3 hours each day doing homework back in highschool and look at me now. I'm an honour student studying at one of the best university in Canada ( I was an average student back in high school).

You just need to know how to study. You need to find the method that works for you. That's the most important thing. You can learn how to manage your time appropriately etc etc but that won't do jack for your marks when you don't know how to study.

Have I mentioned how important it is to study right?
Study smarter not harder!!!

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These are the qualities I think are necessary for academic sucess in High school.
1.Average Intelligence- of course- or above of the student helps. But even children with disabilities can be helped and many make it through college.
2.A Child needs DRIVE& Desire to achieve- even some very gifted children can be lazy.
Sometimes I think drive is better than children that was suppose to have very high intelligence.
3. Parents that are willing to accept their child. Some children just can not make straight A's. Some children are smarter in some areas than others. Some don't like Math etc.
4. Maturity-there are some children in high school that just aren't very mature. Their maturity doesn't kick in until about their last year of high school or first year of college. Some folks use to call these "Late Bloomers". I have seen children that barely made it through High school- mature and by their determination and wits make it through college.
5. Prayer-Pray that your child will do his best at school and also stay away from others that could influence him into taking drugs etc. Peer pressure is a big issue with teens. Some friends think it's not "Cool" to make good grades either. Some children will under-achieve just where they won't be called "Nerds".
6. Try to get your teen to "Lay off the computer". Computers are education ,but many teens use them way too much as a means of communication (like talking on the phone) with friends.
7. If you are into reading books, make sure your child sees you doing this. Sometimes it's the little things that make impressions.
8. Support- When your child does good in a subject please let him no that you think it's great.
9. Listen to your teen talk about school

  1. Their is no shame into getting a tutuor to help your child in a subject. Just make sure the tutuor is qualified and perhaps find out from other parents about some good ones that their child used that were alot of help.
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Please excuse me using "their" instead of "there" and "no" instead of "know" in my posting. Sometimes we type these postings too fast and don't proof read them enough.

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The ability to survive during a rush of raging hormones, relentless peer pressure, growing estrangement from the family support base and the beginning of the search for the self. On top of that, most high schools treat the students very badly and expect them to process a lot of information that they will probably never use. I'ts a wonder anybody makes it through, but they do.

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I would say organizational & time management skills.

High school is a very busy time for many students - they have a variety of activities in addition to their school work.

Organizational skills make it easier to get the work done, because you have what you need when you need it.

Time management skills allow you to get your work done ON TIME and not have to do crash projects.

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I would say there is only one . . . showing any child, by example, from the day they are born that learning is the single most imporant and pleasurable thing that they can ever do to benefit themself. This can come from the parents or several adult mentors the children will be around often. Scientia est Potentia! All the planning, time management, organizational skills, tutors, maturity or outstanding teachers in world can't overcome an attitude of it being "cool" to be ignorant.

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Example Learn to listen
Encouragement Listen to learn
Excitement Learn to love
Explain Love to learn
Energize Learn to read
Enthusiasm Read to learn
Enroll Learn to obey
Enhance Obey to teach
Engross Learn to live
Endeavor Live to serve
Embrace Learning is living
Living is learning
Emerge Choose to do it.
Embody Do it to choose.
Enlighten The more you know.
Enhance The more choices you have.
It is up to you.
Just do it.


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