Money Saving Popsicle Molds That Work!

jcmjcmJuly 20, 2013

With a house full of kids home for the summer. I am looking for Popsicle molds that I can count on working. I also want the kids to eat what I make at home. The set I have, the kids say the Popsicle doesn't adhere to the stick top combo that it comes with. I just want something that works, thanks.

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Be sure to also try the Cooking Forum and The Kitchen Table Forum.

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Didn't wanna cross post, thanks!

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Go ahead. Those forums are where the Home Wizards hang out and will most likely have an answer for you.

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I was looking for BPA-free molds on and found a large variety from expensive stainless steel to stick-free push-up tubes made out of silicone. Maybe you can glean enough information from the review comments to help you out. Check the link below. If you find something that really works well for you, do come back and give us an up-date.

I like to use them for portion control and was looking for better molds than the ones I got at Wal-Mart; as well as looking for something that was BPA-free.

I know we shared a lot of recipes for popsicles over on the Cooking Forum before, but I don't recall if the discussion was about molds for them....

Homemade Fudgsicles are probably our favorites (they were introduced to the market when I was a kid), and I use a base mix called "Magic Mix", for making them. The recipe for "Magic Mix" was developed by the Utah State University Extension Service and can also be used to make pudding, gravy, cream of _______ soup and Pesto Alfredo Sauce. I make the mixture with powdered milk, cornstarch and coconut oil. It's one of my homemade "convenience" foods because these are home food storage ingredients, along with sugar (or substitute), cocoa, water and vanilla used to make the Fudgsicles.


Here is a link that might be useful: BPA-free Popcicle Molds

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