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chambleemamaJuly 24, 2011

I dehydrated tomatoes yesterday, packed them in snack-sized ziplocs, left a thumb-width open in the zips, and crammed them all, length-wise, into a wide-mouthed quart jar. My husband then vacuum sealed the jar. It is currently in the refrigerator. We can vacuum seal it again after removing a bag or two. I would never have thought of storing them this way! Thanks!

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WOO HOO!!! Works like a charm. They are shelf-stable too, if you can keep them in a dark cool place. They will keep longer refrigerated or frozen.

Be sure to check your dehydrated tomatoes occasionally and see if there is any little beads of moisture in your bags. If so, take them and finish dehydrating them immediately upon seeing any condensation. If you don't, you chance having the tomatoes mold.

I use the snack-size bags for apple slices too. That way I can stuff a large jar or canister with them, and vacuum-seal the whole thing shut. Open when needed and take out as many as is necessary for snacking, adding to a recipe, or making into applesauce. Then vacuum-seal the jar closed again. This way the apples (or tomatoes) won't reabsorb moisture from the air each time you open the jar because they are in the snack-size bags.


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We're drying peaches and tomatoes at the moment. I'm pooped! I put up 24 pints of mustard pickles yesterday, 6 half-pints of peach jam and 8 half-pints of blackberry-peach preserves today. Tomorrow: Salsa!

Oh--my husband smoked eggplant today, and he added lemon juice and garlic but left out the tahini and olive oil in the baba ganoush recipe, then spread a 1/4" layer and is drying it like fruit leather. Our to-be-daughter-in-law loves baba ganoush. We figure we can rehydrate, add the tahini and olive oil, and whip up a batch for her when she visits.

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