PSP 7...Urlee???

urleeDecember 8, 2008

PSP 7...Urlee???

Posted by maybee (My Page) on Mon, Dec 8, 08 at 7:04

Judy, could you give me some step by step instructions on how to make a square picture into an oval without the square background showing when you put the picture on a dark background? I know how to get an elipse oval over my picture and I've been able to make the picture oval, but I still have the square background....

You mean something like this?

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Thanks Urlee. I was lost on that one.

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Hi judy,
I was thinking she thought my name was Judy?
Been so long since I did that, I had to figure it out all over again.

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Yeah, I did get the names mixed up....

I need to make a oval so that when you put it on a colored background, the white square doesn't snow around it...yes, so that it looks like the picture above...I'm more familiar with PSP 7, but I also have PSP XI...

Can you give me the instructions on how to do that? Ones even "I" can understand :o)

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I quickly jotted this down taking for granted you know what Tools I am talking about, plus know where I mean when I say Layer Palette.
If confused, ask for further explanation.
There may be other ways of doing this but, hope this works.

1. Open your Graphic in PSP7.
2. With the Preset Tool on Ellipse, draw around the part you want.
3. Right click layer 1 of the layer palette and click convert to Raster Layer.
4. With the Magic Wand Tool, click on area inside of circle you made.
5. Click on background layer in Layer Palette to highlight.
6. If want a soft edge, go up to Selections, down to Modify, over to Feather, click and choose 7, OK.
7. Go up to Edit, down to Copy to click on.
8. Right click on empty space of your work area and choose Paste As New Image.
Now you can open a blank image the size and color of your choice to paste that graphic on.

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Here is another quickie if you are familiar enough to proceed on after with what turned up:
Sparsely written
Open Graphic
Select Oval using Ellipse Tool
Convert to Raster
Magic Wand Background
Click on Background Layer in Palette
Hit Delete
Make sure the color you want for the background in in the Styles Box.

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Step No. 3 is what is throwing me....when I right click layer 1 on the layer palette, how do I convert to Raster Layer? That option isn't there...

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You can also go up to the menu and click on Layers and do it from up there.

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