Barcode on the envelope?

kuangmaoJuly 10, 2010

I used a envelope which has barcode on it to send a mail to school.

I got that envelope from a bill, the envelope is not paid.

I putted my stamp on it, next to the barcode.The barcode has 5 lines straight.

There is no address printted on the envelope, without that barcode it is just empty.

Can it be arrive?

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Did you send the envelope to someone other than to the company you got it from?

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NO.usually when I get the bill, which has that envelope inside, I dont use it. I pay it online.

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Black out the barcode with a heavy marker before using the envelope. I think it's coded for the company that sent it, but I'm not sure.

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The point is I already mailed out...I am worry about if school can receive it, or will return to me.
Today is the third day. I have not get it back, school is closed in weekend, I dont know if they have received or not.
If there is a problem with that barcode, how long will usps takes to return to me, or they will just throw away..

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I have no idea how long it might take. I assume your return address was on it? Call the school on Monday and see if it arrived okay.

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I've always pasted a return address sticker on my outgoiung mai. Twice in the last year I've had mail returned to me. Both were the same type situations. Cards to relatives (nieces) who had moved and left no forwarding addreesses. Both cards came back from the Post Office within a week. So if you don't get it back soon, assume it was delivered. Don't lost any sleep over it.

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Do NOT re-use envelopes with barcodes on them. The first machine the envelope goes through reads the barcodes and sorts it according to what the barcode says, not the address you wrote.

It will go to the company the bill was supposed to go to.

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Undeliverable mail can take a long time to come back. I've had pieces returned 3+ weeks after mailing.

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Check your bank account on line. Sorry to give you bad news but the company that uses that bar code may have already cashed the check. Most checks unless there is a machine problem are never looked at. They are just scanned in and deposited. Once you find out which company it was you can ask for the money to be returned.

Resign yourself by trying to save money you have a life experience. Try using the phone or computer more frequently rather than waiting to the last minute.

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Because this page showed up on a google search, I thought I'd post the answer I found:

From Wikipedia:
"The Facing Identification Mark, or FIM, is a bar code designed by the United States Postal Service to assist in the automated processing of mail. The FIM is a set of vertical bars printed on the envelope or postcard near the upper edge, just to the left of the postage area (the area where the postage stamp or its equivalent is placed). The FIM is intended for use primarily on preprinted envelopes and postcards and is applied by the company printing the envelopes or postcards, not by the USPS."

For the rest of the details, see link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia

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Likely resolved three years ago....

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