Swiffer cloths: Dusting/Mopping

mid_tn_mamaJuly 9, 2004

Reusing swiffer cloths: I use scraps of flannel or fleece wrapped around my dust mop or for dusting. These attract dust as well as the antistatic cloths (esp. if you mist them first). And are free if they are made of used fleece clothing or fleece scraps.

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Actually,I use clients swiffer cloths.Since they toss them in the trash,I take them home and wash them instead.They will last as long as about five washings.what I wanted to mention about them though is that they are great for capturing the dust on unclean fans so that it doesn't land all over the room.They are so much easier then ,to wipe with a damp cloth when the dust isn't there to turn to mud.and that is a real lifesaver for me since I suffer from dust allergies,and it keeps me from going into distress on the job.I used them today in a really dirty house and the cloths ,plus the foresight to take allergy meds before I walked through the door probobly saved me a trip to the doctor's office.Sandy

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My underwear tops, old shirts, etc. usually don't last too long as dust cloths - for they are usually in pretty bad shape before i quit wearing them.

I find such material better than such as bed sheets.

Old towels are great, as well.

ole joyful

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I use micro cloths,vacuum off. Also I have the red lint brush for vacuum. Hooks on like furniture brush. . Great for drapes -have house I clean . Cat should be bald. But micro cloths I have had some for 5 years. The dust mop held on with velcro. Just vacuum them off and wash.

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