Sandpaper grit

graywings123June 23, 2012

I need to buy a large quantity of triangular hook & loop sanding sheets for a paint scrape and sand project on my porch. I have been using the 60 grit sheets sold in stores, but Fein sells a 40 grit. Is 40 grit too rough to use on wood? Is there a reason Dremel does not sell 40 grit sheets for the Multi-Max, which I am using?

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I used a Multimaster last fall to strip down 4 very large shutters (10' tall), so this brings back memories, and not good ones!
I think I used 60 grit which came in boxes of 50 sheets, but still needed a finer sanding (80-100 grit) to be ready for primer. The oscillating action is not a smoothing orbit; it gets a lot done for the very small size of the pad.
I know the Fein was designed for continuous use, I don't know if the same can be said for the much less costly Dremel version. I was sanding those louvers for days on end.

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Thanks. I will get the 60 grit.

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Look at Kilngspore or one of the other online vendors for sandpaper.

You do not need better quality paper for paint removal, it is going to clog very quickly.

Using a paint stripper is much faster.

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Thanks for the info, Brickeyee. This is for the soffit of a porch overhang. I am heating and scraping most all of the porch, but would rather just sand this area.

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