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bus_driverDecember 26, 2006

A search of this site did not find any previous posts pertaining to the Epson Perfection Pro 4990 Photo model. Mine worked fine for a short while and it is an awesome machine. But now I have a software problem. Some functions work with some programs, but the Epson Scan cannot be opened. It is the one for scanning photo negatives (up to 8 x 10!) and slides plus much more. I have tried all the suggested fixes.

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I have the Epson 4490 and it works OK.
I don't know what your problem is?


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I do appreciate your reply. My absence from home delayed seeing it. I have Windows XP Pro. The EPSON SCAN feature worked fine for a few days and now will not open. I get the little window advising that I can use the troubleshooting guide if I wish. It does not help. I can go to Control Panel, Cameras And Scanners and use my scanner that way. But that way lacks some of the versatility of EPSON SCAN. So the problem must be in some software issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled more than 3 times, no help. I got the newer version online from Epson, no help. I am even considering buying another computer for scanner use only, adding nothing to it except the scanner software, never using it online, so that software conflicts will not arise. Please post your suggestions. I again might be away for a few days.

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So sorry to hear of your trouble and am more sorry that I do not have the answer for you.
I am an Epson person and almost smashed my printer when it decided to stop printing CD's after only 5 discs.
E-mailed Epson to find their support stinks as they did not answer me.
I found the trouble was the "operator" as I had the printer cord up against where the CD had to come out a little behind the machine. That interferred with the cycle.


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If Epson Scan does not launch or you can't start it then on a Mac select Apple + i and uncheck all languages except for the language you installed under. Epson Scan will then launch and start. Any future change you make to your system software or the Epson software sends a message to check languages. Its just a programmers error for lack of overall knowledge.

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Thanks for noticing my post and responding. As noted, I have Windows XP. Never owned a MAC. I have not tried recently to solve the problem. Previous efforts failed.

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I have the same issue..
I have vista, and 3 months ago the preview window stoped appearing, and now this week i get the same error telling me to check the cable, thus the scanner appears under device manager. I also tried to reinstall it numerous times with out any luck... I tested the scanner on another vist and it works!!! Called epson this morning and they told me that it looks like a vist issue and i need to call Microsoft...i think going to the moon is easier then getting support from Microsoft...

so has anyone managed to solve this issue?? I believe it is a dll or some epson file corruption in the win folder I really do not want to do a NEW Vista install to get the darn scanner working.

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There is another similar thread at the same forum, please do check that out (link given below).

Please do tell us whether they helped you. Thanks! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: I cannot get my Epson V100 scanner to launch

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Anyone found the solution? I have the same problem, everything seems good, I can scan with other software, but epson scan doesn't work, it only opens a very small window in the left corner at the bottom of the screen with only the close option.
Kamaluppal.. thanks for your links but no one have the same problem.. And I reinstall the software complete 3 times anyway.
I'm, using win 7 and a few weeks ago the epson scan application was working perfectly.
Thanks for any help... please tell if anyone could solve this problem.

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Kass, my computer with XP Pro developed problems with capacitors on the motherboard and I bought a new computer, a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 Home Edition. I do not like the Dell. And I liked XP better. The Dell has no software that will operate the scanner and I have not yet attempted to install the software. I do have my old computer repaired now and may set it up for use with the scanner. The bottom line is that I did not solve the problem.

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