Anyone know how to make Breathe-Rite strips

peabody1July 8, 2009

Does anyone know how to make homemade Breathe Rite strips that you use to hold your nose open when you sleep? There was a video on UTube, but my computer connection isn't fast enough to view it.

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How expensive are they? I'd imagine you could cut up a plastic bottle like a vinegar bottle or something and put some double faced tape on it. That's essentially all they are

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I would think the "plastic" strip would have to have enough stiffness to it to perform properly and the double face tape strong enough to hold the bent shape. After all it is holding your nostrils open to allow you to breathe.

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instead of the nose strips, have you tried a netti pot? I have struggled for years with breathing and snoring - tried the strips, snore stop -nothing worked. And they were not cheap solutions either. the netti pot changed my life. i use it twice a day during summer when the pollen count is high, and always after I work in a dusty area. the kosher salt is cheap - will save you a bunch of money and help you breath better. check out the videos on how to properly use one. It takes a little getting used to but the results are profound.

they now have an out patient procedure using an inflatable baloon to open up septums that are bent or too narrow. You may want to look into that as well. Whn you add up the long term costs for strips, it starts to become price competitive and it is a permanent solution.

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I have a problem breathing and here's what I did.

I used cardboard from a stiff mailing . Like advertising.

I cut it about 7/16" wide by about 2.5" long with scissors.

I rolled it up. And I fit it into my nose. Because it's stiff it
wanted to unroll. That was good.

It tended to unroll and make a larger hole in the nostral
to make it easier to breathe through.

I was worried that the sharp hard edge on the inside might
cut me or hurt my nose if I were to fall asleep but I did it
for several weeks and as long and I made the length proper it worked fine. I never had any problem with
a cut inside the nostral.

I'm a scientist and enjoy making things that work. This
was certainly not the 'finished product'. I have tried the
typical Breatherite and the plastic he uses is specially
designed to be flexible and I've never found a similar

My field is materials. It's certainly , and probably, a specially fabricated plastic that is just
as flexible as it has to be.

And sadly nothing else that we use uses that kind of plastic. Every plastic I've tried has been too flimsy or
not strong enough. Making it stick it not hard to do.

DMSO or Acetone is a good degreaser to clean the nose.
If you do find a plastic and want to try it use acetone and
degrease your nose well before you try to stick something
like surgery tape to it. But be careful. Too many cleanings
and your nose can turn red from lack of moisture or oils.

If you find that this tip works for you I hope you will
spend some time , even photo graph it , and do what I
have not done. Spread the idea around so other people
can benefit from it.

I will check back in a week if you have Q. I'll answer them


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I use Breathe Rite strips due to summer allergies/snoring. I re-use them by carefully removing from my nose, storing on my bedside table, and re-applying the next night. I get at least 3 uses before I throw one out. That cuts the cost per use down to one-third.

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I have something better...Kleenex! My husband snores. About a year ago he had a bad cold and his nose kept running and so he put alittle kleenex in each of his nostrils before he went to sleep. The next morning I said I'm surpise with the cold you did not snore and then he told me what he had done. From then on, he started using it every night and once in a while he will forget and sure enough, the snore is back!

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