Medication tubes and wasted med.......

krissie55July 30, 2012

By cutting a tube of topical medication a little ways below top cap area, you will find enough medication to treat for several more days.

The following are suggestions how to get the most medication out of tubes:

1. Roll up tube to push med toward the top.

2. Use needle nose pliers to crush top area to squeeze more med out.

3. Cut tube off a little ways from the top (keep cap on).

4. Cut open the cut off tube part, contains more med.

5. Be sure hands are fresh washed or use a Q-Tip to remove medication from cut open tube to avoid contamination.

Store the cut tube in a plastic bag to keep medication from drying out.

Do not use this process on "eye" medications. Eye medications must be kept sterile.

My Rosacea topical medication empty tube has enough med to treat for several days to a week or more after it is thought to be empty.

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When my toothpaste tube is partly empty, I'll take a toothbrush and use the side of it to horizontally push from the bottom of the tube upwards . This pressure pushes all the remaining toothpaste to the top. And when it's really looking empty, I put the cap on and cut the tube about one half to three quarter inch from the top. Use a toothpick or Qtip to put the remaining toothpaste on your brush. Of course your hands must be clean.

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We have a couple products in stiff plastic tubes we use. When we get close to being "finished", cut off the bottom end (opposite the hole you squeeze it through) and these stiff plastic tubes will open completely to expose a LOT more product. We fold the cut end over and hold it shut with a big paperclip or a clothes pin for several more applications.


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It's a shame how much product (toiletries, food, etc.) is wasted via packaging.

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Wasn't it Mr. Heinz of the 57 varieties fame who said it wasn't the ketchup people used that made him wealthy, but the portion left on their plate.... -Grainlady

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