Craftsman garage door opener

gibsonJune 13, 2006

We just bought a new house (to us) and there are no instructions on how to change the code to the key pad. Do you know where I can find this information. Can anyone help me?

Date: 2/01

Sears Canada 139.53681B

FCC ID hbw1255

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On the back of the motor unit near where all those white wires go you will find a button. Press and immediately release this and walk over to your keypad and key in any 4 digit number of your choice and then press enter. Should do it for you.


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THANK YOU for your posting. I had the same problem.
After tring Don's instruction my garage pad is now reset
and working.(I saved $35 the least expensive quote for

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I just replaced the drive and worm gears on my 1/2 Hp sears opener. My door only opens about 1 ft and stops. There is a blinking light on the logic board, 5 flashes a pause and 5 flashes again. Haven't been able to determine what that series of flashes means. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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There is more than one possibility here after replacing the gears. First of all try adjusting the 'up force'. It is located near where all those white wires go. Also take a good look at the door springs. Make sure one of them is not broken. Try disconnecting the door from the opener and see how far the trolley travels before it stops. If it still goes 1 foot and stops then you need to loosen the chain so you can remove it from the sprocket on top of the motor. Use your remote and run the motor until the sprocket runs clockwise and stops. This is the door closed position on the limit switches. Reconnect the chain and give it a try.

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Don thanks for the reply. The trolley moves the same distance with/without the door hooked up. After replacing the parts I used the remote to cycle the sprocket without the chain attached. It turns clockwise but then runs counter clockwise before stopping. At this point I get the 5 flashing light code on the board.


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lberteau I don't know where my brain has been. When you changed the gears did you remove a black plastic thing off the front of the motor shaft? Did you forget to reinstall it? Also check to see that the quick disconnect on that small PC board in the same area is on securely.

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Don, just confirmed the black plastic thing and the 4 pin connector are in place. I unhooked the chain, moved the trolley to the open position and re-connected the chain, same behavior, the trolley moves about 6 inches in the closed direction and reverses direction for 6 inches then stops. I disconnected the main logic board connector in an attempt to "reboot" the system, no joy. Apparently no human is willing to tell me what the flashing LED code means. A replacement logic board is almost as much as a new opener. As I'm unsure the logic board is faulty, I'm leaning towards buying a replacement opener. Thanks for your help

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The typical symptom of a bad rev-counter board is,,,, the door moves towards the closed position for about 6 inches, then reverses and comes back to it's starting point. Thats the little board about the size of a postage stamp.
If you put all the washers that come in the kit onto the motor shaft before you put the locking collar on, then the black interupter cup will not penetrate the IR sensor far enough on the rev-counter board.

There should be one "thin washer" and the cup shaped washer with the spring washer in between them. No other washers should be installed.
Check to see what you have, because its possible that the board is ok, just a problem with the installation of the washers under the black plastic interupter cup.

By the way, 5 flashes means,,,"Possible RPM sensor failure/motor overheated"

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I can not reset my garage door remote, does anyone know how

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Explain what it is you are trying to do and I will try to help.

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I am looking for a wireless keypad compatible with the following Craftsman drive:
Model Number: 41A4315-6D
Sears ID: 139.18876
Green sync button
Year of manufacture: 1996

I checked Sears and Home Depot but couldnÂt find anything compatible. Please help.

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You need the model number of your opener. You should be able to find it on one end of the motor unit. The number you are giving is a part number for the logic board. The model number should look like this: 139.xxxxxSRTx

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I havetwo HBW1255 craftsman door openers which only work once in a while. I replaced the batteries. No help. Can you help? Lewis

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My garage door opener motor only turns a couple revolutions even with the chain disconected. I suspect the starting capacitor for the motor is the culprit. Do you think this is the problem or would it be the motor? It worked fine yesterday.
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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If the main light flashes 10 times when you try to close the door it is the door sensors. It can also be the RPM sensor which is a small circuit board just in front of the motor.

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Does anyone know where to find the meaning of the different flashes of the main garage door opener lights?
In the past, after replacing the worm gear and later the whole sprocket and gear assembly, I had a problem closing the door and activating the wall switch. Different numbers of flashes (5 or 6, repeated) indicated that the wires had been crossed at these locations. Now I get 10 flashes; above post says this indicates door sensor problem or cct board.
Again, is there a listing somewhere of the different flash codes?

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When i got the main opener button my receiver just clicks and does nothing. Any ideas?

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