Teacher slaps my daughter

schnitzelJanuary 10, 2006

My daughter was signing up for a club at school. The teacher asked her if she would quit like she did last year and she said she wanted to try the class again to see if she liked it at which point he slaps her once across the face. She was more stunned than hurt but we reported it to the Principal who broght in the school police who will investigate. They asked us what we would like done if the evidence shows that this did occur. At the very least we need to know that this will never happen again but the outcome could include his arrest, termination or I guess anything in between. What would you do?


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I would do everything in my power to see that this sicko got fired....

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I would accept nothing short of him being terminated!!

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why did he hit her?

not that anything she did deserved the alleged response.

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He should not be working with children.

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So what has happened to the teacher and your daughter? Please let us know that she is doing okay.

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Thank you all for your posts. As of last week I heard this teacher gave in his notice. Many parents at the school were so relieved. As a parent you know when you get a gut feeling that something is strange and just not right about someone. He was withdrawn and looked like an outcast, yet pathetic and everyone felt sorry for him... I guess whatever the principal said to him did the job and he quit. I just hope he isn't a ticking time bomb, goes to another school, and something worse happens....Thanks again everyone....

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Are there assault charges being filed? If not, it is very likely that he COULD go somewhere else and do the same, or worse, to another child. Without any kind of record, when the next school does a background check, he will appear fine, and the fact that he resigned probably will mean no follow up hearing by the school.

I am sorry for what happened to your daughter. Thank goodness a teacher like that is an anomaly; I hope that your daughter knows that most teachers would NOT do that.

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