Just found out DS' teacher resigned today

Momma_Bird_OHJanuary 30, 2003

And I am so upset! She has had a serious health problem that needed surgery all year and you could tell she is in pain, but she has a 9 month old, so she had already taken a FMLA leave in the last 12 months. The law says you can only take one leave in a rolling 12 month period - i.e. there must be 12 months between leaves. A specialist told the teacher she must have surgery NOW or risk permanent disability. The school district would not give her an upaid leave and forced her to resign!!!! I am so upset, she is a WONDERFUL teacher and the kids in her class are doing so well and getting great grades.

I am so upset with the inflexible district policies. Our school district is rated "academic emergency" by the state board of education and we need all of the good teachers we can get. I am so angry they forced a really good teacher to resign. I am not upset with her, she is truely having a health emergency.

I don't even know what to do - write to the school board to complain about their policies? I've already called the principal, who said it was beyond her control.

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I would write and call the person who DOES have some control. Even if nothing came of it, it's the principle! And is it too much to ask a principal to support his/her teachers?!

I bet some of the other parents agree with you, you can copy your letter and ask them write one like it and send it as well. Don't send a bunch of letters bulk, it's more in their face when it comes personally handwritten and signed in seperate envelopes. So that it looks more passionate and personal.

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The difficulty for a school district is that they have to follow the law and the contractual agreements with their unions. You would be amazed how much those two sets of regulations can tie your hands. One other difficulty is that when a leave is granted, the teacher is guaranteed a job similar when he or she returns. Sometimes it is difficult to hold a job for that long or to hire a good enough substitute or temporary teacher for that long and no longer. If she is as good as you say, then the district will certainly want to rehire her when she has regained her health. I would encourge you to write your letter of teacher praise and concern to the superintendent. You can always copy the school board too.

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Well, I went in to DS' room on Friday for his class play and also to say goodbye to the teacher. The replacement teacher was there, too. She is RIGHT OUT OF COLLEGE! It turns out that our district hires teachers right out of college on a 9 month contract to be permanent subs. They can sub at a different school every day, or be granted a long term sub job like in DS' situation. This burns me even more - that there is a pool of teachers waiting to fill in, that the pool is replentished every year, and the districut still would not grant the teacher a leave for health reasons. I am also burned that DS will have a brand new teacher for the rest of the year. I know that everyone has to start somewhere, but we had a HORRIBLE experience in kindergarten with a first year teacher and we ended up taking DS out of private school after 3 months because of the teacher's ineptitude. Unfortunately, now that he is in public school, we don't have that option unless we want to move.

I'm just praying for the best, maybe this new teacher will have it together a lot more than the one that taught kindergarten.

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I say write three letters.

1) to the board, to say that you are angry they are shortchanging your son's education and the school in general by allowing an excellent, experienced teacher to resign. Don't be nasty or personal, of course, but point out the damage to the school itself and the kids too (though since his teacher is sick he'd have a new teacher anyway, right, even if she DID get unpaid leave)

(they couldn't give her sick leave?)

2) to the board, to urge them to place the teacher you admire high on their list of re-hires. Be very specific about her teaching skills, etc.

3) to the teacher, telling her very specifically what you like about her teaching abilities, in a way that she can possibly use as part of a packet to show prospective employers.

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Sick leave is usually about 10 days a year. This teacher sounds as if she needs more time to get well.

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Sheilajoyce, you're right, she needs at least 4 months off her feet completely - she's having complicated back surgery.

I'm also upset that my other 2 boys won't have this wonderful teacher.

I spoke to her yesterday and she received a call from an on-line high school (there are several now in Ohio) where the principal heard through the grapevine that the teacher is available. She was offered a FT on-line teaching position that she can start immediately. They will supply her with a laptop so she can litterally be flat on her back and still teach on-line. She's really excited about it. I'm glad she has this opportunity but we still miss her!

Talley Sue, your letters sound great. I'm going to write all three tonight.

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